Monday, October 5, 2009

The Natural Bridge

Friday afternoon we ventured to the Daniel Boone National Forest,with our goal being, to check out and walk across the Natural Bridge. The only bummer was we got there at 330pm thinking we would still have lots of time....we figured we until dark....well we were wrong the sky lift was only open till 5pm. BUMMER!! It cost us $39 for the whole family (6 of us) to ride the sky lift both ways.

Grandpa and Zach on the lift....We had such an amazing view on up on the lift...breathtaking isn't it? This picture doesn't do it justice.
Pics from below the bridge. Then these massive rocks were everywhere!!
Julia making here way through this tight space all by herself..
Lance loved climbing amongst all the huge rocks...
They had all these wonderful trails that run everywhere!!! We've already said we need to go back so we can enjoy spending the entire day walking the trails. After the lift brought us back down we hopped back in the "Big Red Bus" and took off on a loop road that twisted and turned constantly. What beautiful scenery we were able to take in...I'm not sure the kids the appreciated it as much as us adults. The part they really loved was the tunnel we DROVE through on this road....very lane night....Everyone thought it was worthy the extra time!
To end the night we stopped on the way back to the hotel to eat at some "no name" restaurant. They didn't have the best food or the cleanest bathrooms, but they did score some points for atmosphere. We listened to this gentleman with a great voice...for part of our supper....

Coming tomorrow,the place that we planned our whole vacation around,The Creation Museum.



Jenny said...

You're traveling in my neck of the woods. Natural Bridge is a beautiful place to visit. Did you love the tiny little passage to get below the bridge?

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