Monday, October 5, 2009

First Day of Vacation 2009~Wild Turkey Distillery

Friday was our first day to venture out and that morning we headed off the the Wild Turkey Distillery, but before anyone gets to excited, maybe I should make a little disclaimer so there is no misunderstanding. We didn't choose to take our children and family to a Bourbon Distillery because we are drinkers we just all love to see a product made from start to finish and thought it would be an interesting thing to check out...not to mention it was FREE!!!! So there you disclaimer made! Here is the our little Gaertegang hanging out for a photo on the front porch of the visitor center.
Here are the Gaerte Grandkids minus our little Miss Maggie (she was sleeping away in Daddy's sling) We had an 8,6,4, and two 2 yr olds and Maggie is 2 months all hanging with us on vacation.
On Daddy's shoulder is where Miss Julia rode alot of the tour....
Here is a shot of the barrells that are all lined up and stacked several stories high in order to "age" to their chosen ripeness. An little interesting fact is that in the US the barrells for Bourbon can only be used once, then they must discard them (recycle) and buy new ones....The oldest barrells are used for 12 years.
Here is the whole crew on the tour...because there were 12 of us at this time we got our own special tour....Fun!!

All of us girls took home a great smelling candle!!!
All of the kiddos got a "bung" (the piece of wood they use to plug the barrells). They even stamped on them Wild Turkey distillery...again it was FREE...

That was our Friday morning...coming this afternoon at 5pm....what we visited in the afternoon.



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