Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Creation Museum

Our first decision for vacation was that we wanted to go to The Creation Museum. We spent the entire day here. From 930A until 5pm....we saw countless cool things...when we first walked in there was this man carrying this snake and a lizard. I stayed as far away as possible but close enough to snap a picture.
We started off through the massive set-up of a museum with wall to wall people.
Lots of different facts on dinosaurs....
I loved all these colorful sceneries . This one is Adam naming each of the animals.
We toured the museum from 930a-12:15p then we went to watch a presentation in one of their theaters that had lots of special effects that ended and then we headed to the Planetarium for another presentation...so worth the extra money!!! Lunch time after that!!! Then we were off to check out the outdoors.....

They had a little "petting zoo" or so they called it. It wasn't a total waste of time, but it was nothing worth writing home about....The camel below was probably the highlight!
I enjoyed the museum very much but I was in my element in the flower garden we went through.....I took LOTS of pics but I will just share of few....
Here is Caleb putting on a smile and asking me if I really loved all the flowers...YEP LOVED IT!
There was a pond you can see in this pic....the kids have fun throwing the fish some food..
Here is Julia after a LONG day with NO NAP....The face tells it all..
The garden also had several water features, at least four or five that I can think of. I would love to one someday....I love the sound of water flowering....
Another highlight especially for anyone who doesn't enjoy flowers as much as I do, was the suspension bridge. I was giggling at the amount of adults who were jumping around and wiggling the bridge just because they could....I wasn't sure who was having more fun the kids or the adults...

If you are going to be in Southeastern Ohio....just over the bridge into Kentucky is where you will find The Creation Museum. I would say it is so worth the trip, money, and time to go! Our kids all really liked it, but it was a long day for the youngest two...and we were on our second day of vacation with no real naps. It cost us around $100 for the Museum and the Planetarium (the two youngest kids were FREE (under 5 is FREE but they still need a ticket). I would also recommend that if you plan to make the trip to get your tickets online. The Museum only allows a certain number of people in per day I think, plus you can avoid the HUGE line of people waiting to get tickets. We walked right in with no wait since we had our tickets! There are many other things I could tell you about our day, but I realize you time is valuable. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment with your email address if you are not a blogger so I can contact you.



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