Saturday, October 3, 2009

Monthly Round Up/ Groceries for October

Well I decided not to keep such meticulous records this month...No CVS stops, NO Walgreen runs....we just did a couple of stops at Aldi's in September so I just didn't feel the need. I know we spent right around the $200 mark like usual.

So I know I mentioned to you all that I was done with couponing, after a year of "trying it out". Here is a pic of my monthly stop at ALDI'S....

I know it's hard to see you want to see everything anyway right (smile)....My entire table that seats six people was bursting from the seams with food....
I got 139 items for $186.62. I have decided that I am going back to Once A Month Shopping. Which for me means getting lots of fresh fruit to eat during the first 2 weeks then canned fruit for the remainder of the month, fresh veggies then when they run out frozen or canned veggies from the garden. Hubby buys our bread at the bread outlet once a month or every two weeks whatever he decides...we use some immediately and then freeze the rest until we need it. Hubby will also stop each week and replenish our milk supply...I have to hold them to 4 gallons a week..milk with meals then water or Kool-aid, if it is available, in between meals.
So 186.62 with another $10 or so in bread and then another $20 in milk...and I realized when I got home I forgot crackers..(BIG sigh)..they were out of chili beans...and then I need to get lasagna noodles as well, so another $5 in those needed things....We should be around the $230 mark for this month. Which is a little higher than I'd like but I bought a few different meat items I don't normally buy to mix things up a I can live with that total....

~~~~~~MY QUESTION TO YOU~~~~~~
Do you shop weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? Just curious what everyone else does?



Sarah Brown said...

I try to do BIG shopping biweekly. I do find myself going back for milk and such in between though. I was reading on someone's blog one time about a service in her area that delivered produce and milk to your home weekly. This actually even though was a bit pricey it saved her money because she didn't find herself buying extras in the store when she simply ran in for milk---sire wish I had that around here!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to come back on Tuesday I have a great giveaway coming up=)

chrissy said...

I do meal planning and once a month shopping. I LOVE IT!

Jeff & Nicole said...

Okay, I am seriously impressed with did it all without coupons? I have had the hardest time getting into coupons and would love to see what your monthly food calendar looks like...we are a family of 4 and I spend waaay more than you just did!

Jeff & Nicole said...

Thanks for getting back to me Danielle!
Here's my email: jndrysdaleatgmaildotcom
Thanks again.

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