Monday, October 12, 2009

Guess Where I am going?

Hubby & I just got official confirmation that he has won another trip this year!!!! This year we are heading off to Grand Bahia Principe Resort in PUNTA CANA!!! It will be cold here when we leave for a 5 day stay....nice and tropical there!!...ohhh I am so spoiled....and LOVING every second of it!!
We celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary on November 6th, so I think it's makes this trip an extra special getaway time!!! I am so thankful for a Husband who truly loves what he does and works super hard at his job...which results in him winning trips like these. (The top 20 salesman in the US, for this certain company, get to go on the trip). I am REALLY thankful that they are able to take their spouses along...we only pay for my airfare!! I know to cool, huh?
I am so thankful that my hubby has a job that makes these otherwise unrealistic trips a possibility for us....That you Jesus for such a blessing!!!!
So if you need to find in the mean time, I will be on doing LOTS of sit-ups, arm work outs, and leg lifts in order to "get my beach body on".......that part NOT SO FUN!!! But ohhhh so worth it by the time the trip arrives!!!


Genesa said...

Lucky!!!! Man, you guys could start sharing the trips couldn't ya??? J/K! Have a great time!

Chrissy said...

Congrats!!! I have always thought beach vacations were especially fabulous when it is cold at home. :-)

Mary Ann said...

Oh wonderful for you!! Enjoy!

Nicole said...

Congrats congrats!! How awesome...and completely worth the work out. ;) Have FUN!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to justin for working hard to get the trip & for you for taking care of the kids while he did his work!! i know you two will have a lot fun! you don't need to work out!! so when are you going??


Unknown said...

Congrats! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I loved the Dominican Republic! Bet you can't wait to feel the sand between your toes! And congrats to Justin for all the hard work. ;)

Your Best Friend said...

What a lucky lady! Sounds like the trip will be amazing.

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