Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting Ready to Roll~~Vacation TIME!

So here is the the BIG RED BUS, we call our vehicle, all ready to travel the roads of OHIO and KENTUCKY for the long weekend....No only is she already HUGE to everyone (except us) but now she has that beautiful storage unit on the drive-thru for us (sad face)...Justin really wanted to go through the drive-thru and order 20 cheeseburgers and 12 fries...ect....He just thinks that would be great!
Now here are a few of the pumped and ready to get GO(!!!) passengers!! I got sit sit right beside Lance....right amongst all of them....cause I am lucky like that.....
So next you will see the little creation hubby came up with to help aid in keeping these happy faces.......HAPPY! Nothing fancy but HEY IT WORKED great!!! It held the DVD player perfect never skipped, never fell off or anything crazy like....not the prettiest to look at....but hey we never said we were a high maintenance crowd either!
We left home and arrived at the hotel around 9 something.....Here are the boys snuggling up to share their bed...a couple nights one or two of the boys would be gone from our room so they could go bunk up with grandma & grandpa....the first night Lance and Zach went...So Justin and Caleb had a little sleep over in their own bed. Julia and I in another....Caleb got the next night...then the third night we were 3 to a bed....Julia loved be spoiled by "sleeping with mommy".
Before we settled into bed the first night the kids insisted they go let off some pent up energy from the drive....the pool was open until MIDNIGHT so we had plenty of time to swim!
Stay tuned tomorrow I will share with you our adventure for the first morning!




Unknown said...

Looks like fun, I like the way you rigged up the DVD player. I can't wait to see the rest of the fun!

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