Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Worthy Moment!

Do you ever have moments, events, or situations that happen to you and then it dawns on you "That is a blog worthy moment?" Well I do and my husband of course loves to tease me and say "You need to put that on "The BLOG"! "

So here is something to make you say "Ohhhh...so glad that didn't happen to me!" and maybe even laugh a little!

So yesterday, Monday, I am minding my own business and catching up on laundry, dishes, and meals....but then again when am I NOT doing one or more of those things? Anyway....I was in the laundry room switching up a load of laundry (whites)........well let me back track a minute....For the past two days I have been smelling this unwelcome smell from my laundry room. Since my laundry room also doubles as our mudroom/coat & shoe storage area I hadn't given it much thought. Only because I have had an extra amount of smelly things to wash lately because of a two year who is potty training (and doing well!!), and a four year old ,that shall remain nameless, that has been going potty IN HIS BED in the middle of night (grrrr!). So like I said, add that to the muddy, wet, dirty coats and shoes from playing outside and you get some less than delightful smells that emerge.
Okay back to the washer.....As I was putting in the last handful of wet clothes into the dryer I felt something fall on to my foot....my bare foot ,because I was wearing flip flops.....I DID NOT look down immediately, figuring it was just a wet sock or wash cloth......well then I DID look down and it was a DEAD MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So as I was screaming and wiggling all around being totally grossed out, my boys came to my rescue me and ask what I was yelling about. I told them and Lance promptly said, "Oh mom, (sigh) no big deal it's just a mouse...it's no even alive..." Yep! That is the kind of sympathy I get around here!!!
Well I am happy to report that the yucky smell from my laundry room is GONE!!! I am also hoping that we very boring around here the rest of the week, because that is about all the excitement I can handle in one week...I like boring....uneventful....that's okay with me!!!



Mary Ann Miller said...

Oh my, how awful! I once found a deer jawbone in my laundry. My son forgot and left it in his clothes. He thought it was funny when I started screaming after finding it in my wet laundry.

Mominin said...

Oh, Danielle. I feel so bad for you! I hate mice!! At least the smell will be gone, LOL.

Sab said...

Oh wow... I'm laughing and cringing at the same time. We had that smell in our kitchen once... found out the mouse was in a trap. Thought it was the garbage can (those can emit unpleasant odours as well... blech).

Genesa said...

LOL! I'm glad Your boys came to your rescue! At least it wasn't alive!

**Nicole** said...

As my daughter would say "EWWW! Cuck!" :) And my husband is forever teasing me just like that. Anytime anything happens his responses are either

1. You better go scrapbook this
2. Are you going to blog about this?


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