Wednesday, October 7, 2009

US Air Force Museum

Our last day of vacation were spent at the US Air Force Museum.....well I can some it up in one word PLANES.....LOTS OF PLANES!!!!! We did have a lot of fun. We even got to walk through a couple of planes, ride in a simulator, and learn TONS of the about history.
Can you say HUGE!!! I was blown away at the size of these missiles.......
Caleb actually gave me ONE good photo from tongue out, no thumbs up, or funny face.....The boys all loved being able to sit in the cock pit and pretend they were flying the plane...very FUN!!
The kids all loved seeing the tall buildings.....Some of them shouted they were so happy to see their first skyscraper!!! This is a picture of the Cincinnati as we passed through.
Some of us liked it more than others as we passed over the Ohio River! Well we had a great vacation and always love spending some quality time together. Hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride!!!




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