Monday, October 19, 2009

Bluegrassin' with the Gaertegang

 Now that fall has set in and bluegrass festivals have ended, Hubby is gearing up for some good ole' jammin' sessions! He had his first one two weekends ago. Does everyone know what a jam session is? I am thinking you do, but just in case you have no idea what I am talking about...I will explain as best as I can. Basically it's a group of "bluegrass lovers" ( in our case) that get together and just play music. From basic beginners to professionals everyone just plays and learns from the other players. It seems to me that everyone usually plays in a they can see others people's fingers....and they play for hours and hours.
I do not play an instrument nor do I have any desire to learn to play one. It's hubby's passion and I support and encourage him. My kids all seem to love bluegrass...and love playing around on their instruments. Lance plays banjo, Caleb wants to learn guitar, and Zach is liking the mandolin.

 Here is just part of the jam....Zach is loving every minute of "playing music" with Daddy!

I think he would have stayed out in the barn all night if I would have let him. I think this jam session ended sometime around 1am...not for me though I went to bed (smile).



The Millers said...

I'm sad. No matter how many pics i see of myself on ur blog i never get to be in the caption. Sadness :( LOL

Jeff & Nicole said...

Ahhh...looks like SO much fun. Music is such great family time!!

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