Monday, October 12, 2009

Draw & Write Through History ~ Mama Buzz Review ~

Okay the day is here! My first Mama Buzz Review!!!(I know you've been checking out my little button on my sidebar and wondering what that is all about. Well, here is the first book/product I have been blessed to take part in reviewing.

We were sent a FREE copy of the first book, Creation through Jonah, in this series of four. Draw & Write is published by CPR ( a Christian company). This fantastic series is written by Carylee Gressman, homeschool mom and mother of seven. The great illustrations are done by Peggy Dick, a mother, pastor's wife and former graphic-design artist.
My boys love to draw, and they didn't waste any time diving into this new book. Since I, their mama, (and school teacher) can't draw a stick person to save her life, I really appreciate resources that can teach them how to better their talents in the art department. I love several things about Draw and Write Through History. I love that is can be used to supplement whatever time in history we are learning about, or use it alone just for the pure enjoyment of drawing (and sneak learning facts in while they don't even realize it). I love the step by step in which each "project" is presented. Breaking each drawing in smaller steps that make drawing fun even for people like me who seemingly have no art ability look like an artist.

Want to try it before you buy it? Take a sample art lesson HERE!Here is a picture of the first two pages in the book. I decided to have my boys each write their name and the date on each picture they draw in this series and then I put them into my school binder so I can watch them improve their skills as we work our way through the school year. My two oldest boys participate twice a month in an art class at our local library, and I am very excited to have this great book to use in between those class sessions. I would highly recommend this great series who is looking to supplement their history lesson with some hands on applications of art work. I also really like that because this book does such a nice job of breaking things down into step that I can use it for my Pre-school age kids as well as my older kids, which is so huge for me when I can find something we can all enjoy together.

One book is $12 or the whole series Books 1-4 for $40 available HERE.

Creation through Jonah
-Book 1
Covers the time period from c. 600 B.C. to A.D. 395- Book 2
Vikings to the Middle Ages and lightly touches on the Renaissance- Book 3
Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots covers mostly American History to the Revolution- Book 4



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