Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday


Welcome to Wonder Why Wednesday!

I find that whenever I add humor to my day, my week, my mommy's moments it always make life a little easier to swallow.....anyone else feel that way?
With that in mind, this series it meant to be done and received with a playful spirit in mind.


Woman were made to be multi-taskers? I think it is a pretty know fact that a BIG difference between most men and women. Men generally can focus on ONE thing at a time, while women are tend to be fixing breakfast, making a grocery list, answering the phone while checking their email. GOD MADE US VERY different in that department...Wouldn't you agree?
I heard something lately that really stunned me....a women recently shared during Sunday School (we were studying marriage) that men actually have a "Nothing Box". So you know when you just sitting around and you ask you hubby, "So, what cha' thinking about honey?" Then they reply "Nothing." Well it turns out, IT'S TRUE! I had no being the wonderful women we are, we want to fill that "Nothing Box" with something.....but guess what when we fill it...they get another "Nothing Box"!   FUNNY huh? Well in all seriousness I envy that a little bit.....I want a NOTHING BOX!!! I want to sit down and enjoy a night of rest without thinking about the next, laundry, school, getting my quiet time, soccer practices, and I could go on and on. I am sure most of you can relate!
Do you sometimes find that you multi-task yourself to death? The other day I had to just stop and laugh at myself.....I started to go get the cleaning supplies to clean the bathroom...then I thought as I walked by the washer and dryer that I should first switch a load of laundry then clean the bathroom while it was running....okay back to getting the cleaning supplies....then I saw the toilet paper and thought I should grab a few rolls and restock the tp under the sink...onto the bathroom....So as I started to clean the bathroom I need paper towels and go the kitchen to get them them I notice dishes that need put away. So I thought to myself, "While the toilet cleaner is doing it's thing, I will put away the dishes"....then I notice the counter needs wiping...then I remember oh ya I am suppose to be cleaning the bathroom......okay you get the point but I could keep going! That's when I stopped myself and laughed. Then I thought to myself....slow down GIRL!!! One thing at a time!!!  All of this makes my WONDER WHY I think I need to be zooming around multi-tasking myself into a stress mess.
Please comfort me by telling me I am alone in my zooming around the all do these funny running around cycle of trying to get a million things done at one time, right?



Stacy said...

I totally agree!! I find myself running around the house like crazy doing way too many tasks at one time. When you think about it yes it is crazy, but it is also pretty amazing that we as mom's can multitask. Imagine how much longer our days would be without multitasking!!!

Mominin said...

I find myself doing the same thing - but it often gets me in trouble, when I get sidetracked and forget to get back to what I was doing! I also find it so hard to believe that men have that 'nothing box'. I just can't imagine not having a million things going through my mind! That's probably why Aaron can go straight to sleep at night, but it takes me at least a half hour to get my mind clear enough to settle down!

I decided to join in this week - such a fun idea!

Megan said...

Yep I'm in your boat too! a Million things going on at once!!

Sab said...

I also want a nothing box.

I multitask so much that I tend to forget one task while I'm on my way to another. I really have to focus, and then my poor daughter seems to get left in the dust... so I tend to do all that when she's napping.

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