Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday?

Welcome to Wonder Why Wednesday!

I find that whenever I add humor to my day, my week, my mommy's moments it always make life a little easier to swallow.....anyone else feel that way?
With that in mind, this series it meant to be done and received with a playful spirit in mind.


People now a days think 4 kids is a big family? Whenever I am out and about and I see people I haven't seen in a long time or maybe I just have not seen them in a couple of years one questions always arises soon rather than later. "So how many children do you have?" When I reply that I have four and then they ask their ages....they just about choke, gasp in horror, or roll their eyes and reply "Wow, big family huh!? I usually don't say anything in return just smile. I mean what are you suppose to say.....What I really want to do is laugh because believe it or not at our Christian (non-denominational) church four is pretty much the they are think of us as a small It wasn't that many years ago when America was so much more family oriented and everyone had about 8-12 kids without blinking an eye. I realize that these are different times now....but I don't think that is always or in most cases good thing. I think there are a lot of people caught other non-essential issues when they think of family size in today's terms. Like for example people think that if they have more than 1 or 2 children they could never pay for college for both of them. (Who says that paying 100% of your children's college education is a good idea anyway? (That is whole different discussion in and of itself.) 

So I guess today I am left Wondering Why my family's size makes people turn and run the other

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Jeff & Nicole said...

Ahh..this is one of my favorites of your 'wonder whys' I definitely agree-- it has me baffled and a bit sad. Good thoughts, thanks.

Sab said...

I've often wondered that myself. I would love to have four kids (or even six, but my hubby doesn't want six... he grew up in a family that size and didn't like it, haha). Most people I know want to stop at two.

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