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Jantsen's Gift ~ Mama Buzz Review

 I was sent a FREE copy (actually two FREE copies because of a shipping mistake) from the Hachette Book Group for this review. The people at the Hachette Group generously let me keep both copies to with as I wish...sweet of them I thought!

 The very first thing that drew me to this book was that IT'S TRUE!!!! This book is based on the true life experiences of Pam Cope, a SAHM of two kids (one son and one adopted daughter...then later two more adopted children.) This book takes you along on her journey to find real faith, real strength, and discover what is truly means to be passionate and sacrificial about giving.
The book begins when Pam's  son Jantsen suddenly dies in 1999, due to an undiagnosed heart defect. I appreciate how honest and candid Pam is about her experience in dealing with severe depression and the grief associated with losing a child. Pam was very honest and transparent throughout the book, and I think that takes real courage. Courage is something Pam re-discovers in herself throughout the book. I think the book really captures of essence of what ONE PERSON can do to make such a PROFOUND difference in the lives of other people. I think many of us, including myself, fall prey to the lie "What can I do I am only one person....what I do is not really going to change the world." I love how this book puts that excuse to rest and shows ONE person's great vision can and does make a difference ONE child at a time.
I learned so much while reading this book. You see I also am a small town girl, always have been and probably always will be. I guess in the back of my mind I knew things like child prostitution and child trafficking existed, but never chose to let it sink what that really meant for MILLIONS, yes you read right, MILLIONS of children around the world. I feel ashamed that I have not been broken over what a huge problem this continues to be in 2009.......SLAVERY is still alive and well in many corners of the world people!!!! CHILD slavery.....just saying it makes me angry and sick all at the same time.
In the book Pam focuses on the places in the world that her organization, Touch A Life, is operating.

Ghana, Africa were millions of children and orphans are bought and sold like livestock. Parents who can't afford to feed themselves let alone their children are forced to sell them in order to survive. BE CAREFUL not to judge to quickly though. This takes a lot of courage and love on their part because they think they are giving their children a life they are not able to offer them with food, schooling, clothing and shelter. Unfortunately child traffickers are professional liars and these children are fed MAYBE once a day, worked from 4am to dark, beaten within inches of their  lives, and not sent to school., Most don't know their age, or why they have been sent away from their parents so suddenly.

Vietnam is also another place of focus for the Touch A Life organization. Here they focus on getting children off the streets, out of brothels, into a safe environment with schooling. Prostitution runs rapid in the streets of Vietnam and lots of girls, as young as 5 years old are sold into prostituted out to Cambodia where apparently many western men go to do unthinkable things to these poor souls.

I would have only two bad things to say about the book. First, some of the language was a little strong for my taste. Nothing really offensive, but some cursing I could have did without. Second would be the price of the book. Since I am frugal in nature I would personally have a really hard time paying just shy of $25 for a book. On the flip side of that, I think the message that this book sends is priceless.

After reading the book for myself, and knowing how it has convicted my heart to be more aware of these issues. More importantly I have a new importance for teaching my children about these hard issues and taking advantage of some real teachable moments. So with that being said I would pay $25 for this book and I would pay it again to buy one for a friend!
This book makes me even more convinced that not everyone is called to adopt....not everyone is called to travel to far away places.....but we are ALL CALLED to do whatever we can to help save these children from these horrible, abusive, and heartbreaking lives they are forced to lead.

If you would like to learn more about Pam's organization visit www.touchalifekids.org

 Jantsen's Gift is Hard Cover book that is 320 pages in length and is available through Hachette Book Group. To get a copy of this compelling book  for $24.99 go HERE!



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