Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Girl Talk Review

Five Star Publications graciously sent me a free copy of the book GIRL TALK to Review (Mama Buzz). Well to be honest I really had no idea what the book what really about until I started reading it....I wasn't really sure what to expect or sure if I would be able to relate to the book. I can say I was pleasantly surprised as I started pouring over the pages as to how much I was enjoying every word. GIRL TALK is a book of compiled "words of wisdom, encouragement, mentoring, and heart touching moments". The subjects of discussion ranged from career, home, travel, and home. The women in his book come from all walks of life, some are famous Hollywood stars and other are proud stay at home moms. Throughout the book these different women enlighten us with their thought provoking words.

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from the book: page 27

"I really enjoy shopping for gifts for my friends and relatives and I really don't mind wrapping them in pretty paper and bows, but I do not like having to buy and fool with the boxes that the gifts go in. If you buy a gift and it comes in a box, that one thing but how many shirts ever come in boxes? Anyway, I discovered that an empty cereal box is the perfect size for a shirt! I just pull the paper out and wrap away! I would rather spend the extra money on the gift rather than the box! CHERYL LYLES~Civil Engineer
Great hint don't you think so?

Excerpt: page 19
"My husband and I borrowed this idea from a friend. We collect Christmas ornament from cities we visit..It's fun to bring those out each year and recall that trip, and tell our children about it. We want them to want to explore new places too. We write the year on each ornament too so we won't forget. 
We also buy books from and about the places we go, so we have a library of our travels...We really want to travel all over the United States and learn more and more about this amazing country. (Not that we are against international travel either.)
FRAN COODE WALSH~ Television Producer
I totally love the buying a book about each place you vacation!!! Instant library and a souvenir that you might actually look at again...most other souvenirs just end up in the trash.

Excerpt: page 91.
"In a conversation with an avid gardener, I found out some fabulous tips on gardening that you can use your leftovers for.
Violets need an acidic liquid to bloom, so some cold leftover coffee is a perfect solution.
Roses need a lot of potassium and potash, so some diced banana peels around the base of each  bush should do wonders. Roses also love the tea from  inside used tea bags. This is one of the reasons that English rose gardens are beautiful, the English drink lots of tea every day! Just open the used tea bags and sprinkle the tea around the base of the canes.
To keep you lawn green and keep the crabgrass away, spray a mixture of half beer and water over it. 
If you are planting green peppers, throw some leftover matches in the hole first because they love sulfur."
MELISSA MARTIN~ Junior Varsity Basketball Coach  

I love how this book pays tribute to women lovingly helping other women through life with inspirational thoughts and heartfelt guidance in all areas of life.The book is 146 pages in all and is a great book for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to devote to reading a book.....

You can buy this charming little easy read for $15.95 HERE!



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