Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~A Homemade Christmas!~

Well I have decided that I want to give all or mostly all homemade gifts for Christmas! The whole idea of it appeals to me and I personally know I would rather receive something that was made in love from a person than a store bought gift any day of the week. That is not to say that I don't love those gifts to, don't get wrong.
This year I am wanting to stay with the HOMEMADE theme in mind!! So I know that collectively all of you have wonderful ideas and with all of us together would be able to share many more sites and link than just one person could so I am asking you a favor!!!
Do you have some homemade Christmas ideas up your sleeve? Have you posted in the past about things you  have done? I have two ideas that I am planning on doing, but need some more...unfortunately I can't share those idea with you because my fabulous family would know what they are getting for Christmas....kinda sneaky huh..smile....

So write up a post with all your great ideas for us to see! Maybe even include some links for us to check out. Then come back here and link up!!! If you don't have time for blogging something then just simply leave a comment with some helpful and creative links!! I am so excited to see what you all come up with!
I have created a button so feel free to grab it for your own blog.
I plan to leave it up until Christmas in the hopes of inspiring some great ideas for us all to consider....



Sab said...

I love making things for Christmas and do so every year. I posted all the stuff I made last year on my blog here, and I posted the link above to making homemade potato stamped wrapping paper. I hope to post this link later, when it will let me.

Genesa said...


I thought this was a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

i just want you to know that when we were in Lousiville this weekend. there was a place that had homemade bar soap made of goats milk. well we bought one. i have used it once and it was nice. here is the web site to check out. www.goatmilkstuff.com


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