Thursday, November 19, 2009

Father - Son Moments

 Well if you don't already know, hunting is a BIG deal around this house. Deer season is offically in now and Lance is just always itching to get in on the action! Since in our opinion he is not ready at 8 years old to go hunting by himself, he has been begging, pleading, and down right insistent about getting in some practice shooting with his dad. So one night this week dad made that happen...

 Oh course, Lance can't have all the FUN..Dad had to get a few shot in doesn't seem to mind....I can tell he is smiling even from this angle...can you?

 The hat on backwards cracks me up...this is not the way we normally wear our hats around here....but we wouldn't want it to get in way of shooting

 A spare pumpkin got to be the target...Lance is impressed that he blew a hole in it....All said and done they had a great time and enjoyed their special time bonding....and grunting....and doing "men stuff"...okay so maybe they didn't really grunt, but you know what I mean men have their own "man stuff language".

 So this is what a boy looks like when that same dad takes a brother deer hunting instead of this mighty man.....he might be cracking smile because he could believe I was trying to take his picture.. ...but I assure you he was not a HAPPY CAMPER being left behind. (oh ya and they saw 3 deer that night...but of course his brother did didn't rub it in any...ahem....



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