Monday, November 16, 2009

Review for Mama Buzz~ Police Blockade

POLICE BLOCKADE is the latest product I have been genereously given to review FREE!

Here is some information from Timberdoodles website (the company who provided me with this product)
This company offers many different games and homeschool materials so be sure to check them out!

Police Blockade

Sirens screaming and tires screeching, there is nothing like a little police action to liven up a road trip. Police Blockade lets you keep it legal but is just as exciting.
Your Job: Block Him
An elegant red sports car has been stolen and the police force is scrambling to jam every escape route. As police chief, your child will be asked to coordinate all available units in order to prevent a getaway. His career is on the line; can he block the perpetrator's escape and avoid unnecessary bloodshed?
60 Challenges!
With 60 fast-paced easy to expert challenges he will have plenty of chances for a "do over"! For 1 player. Includes game board, clear plastic lid, one red sports car, six police cars, and four sets of buildings, game booklet, and a nifty elastic band to hold it all together.
Logic, Thinking Skills, Visual Perception...
This one-player game develops logical reasoning, builds higher cognitive thinking, and strengthens visual and spatial perception. It is self-contained, includes solutions, and makes an ideal travel companion. Plus, it offers an amazing amount of fun for all ages!

Develops logical reasoning
Builds higher cognitive thinking
Strengthens visual and spatial perception

Game includes:
Game board
60 puzzles with four levels of difficulty
One red sports car
Six police cars
Four sets of buildings
Solution booklet

Time To Play: 5-20 minutes
Players: 1

I don't know about you but I love games that does double duty! FUN and EDUCATIONAL!!! I also love that this game is something my children (the 6 and 8 year old) can do this indepentenly in their own quiet time. I also love that their are so many options and way to play the 60!!! So far I think this game is a hit with our family, but because of busy schedule and getting the game just a short time ago we have only been able to test out the product for a short time. I think this would be a great suggestion for someone to get for your children for Christmas and worth the money since it will provide great training for great life skills!
Go HERE to purchase POLICE BLOCKADE for $17.95.



Megan said...

Looks like a great game!

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