Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gaerte Hog Roast 2009!

 This year at the Hog Roast it was decided that we would try out having a candy trail for the kids since this year the Hog Roast fell on Halloween. Well it went over well! Lots of kids, lots of candy, and lots of smiles.....You can not have a Hog Roast without a little jamming from the Blue River Boys...You can also see the women behind all this for 25 plus years in the blue sweatshirts....the "Younger generation" in the white sweatshirts.

In the bottom right you can see we have hay rides, a zip line (engineered by my Hubby and Bob, my brother-in-law)...that is always a GREAT hit,( this year we had some pulley issues)...still fun for the kids! A huge fire! I did not get a picture of it for some reason but my father-in-law also had his train ride zipping around during the night.....great babysitter! I think someone said they tried to count as people went through the food line (we do pot luck carry-in) and thought we had around 175 people this year! SO FUN!!! I can tell you one thing is for sure, I must be old, because after this weekend I was totally whipped!!! It is all the extra effort and work and we just keep doing it year after year!



Flat Creek Farm said...

How fun!! What a wonderful event and tradition for everyone. Yes, lots of work, but it sounds like it's SO worth it! -Tammy

Sab said...

That looks like a great time!

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