Friday, November 20, 2009

Mommy - Daughter Moments

 Hello there! So I thought I would share a few things that Miss Julia has been up to lately...Well dressing up in her little high heel shoes ranks pretty high on her list of favorite things to do...when she's not talking on her

 She loves carrying this cute little Hello Kitty purse around with her..we scored it for $1 at Goodwill! 

The other day, as I put laundry away, she decided to go get some "friends" and hang out in "Mommy's bed"..hugs and kisses all around!!

 Don't forget the can't be in "Mommy's bed" and not get some good cuddle time in...

Oh she's just growing like a weed! I am still loving. loving, loving having this little joyous girl around the house with all the boys!! I mean I could do without all her DRAMA moments, and super high squeals when her brothers are trying to redirect her in another direction....but then again those are probably the moments I will remember when I am old and least that what everyone keeps telling me.....hearty laugh......



Sab said...

Very cute! I love the snuggles! And the lil Hello Kitty Purse is adorable! :)

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