Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Preparing for the Big Event

 The last Saturday in October for over 25 years is reserved for the GAERTE HOG ROAST! We get roast a hog, cook up some soup, make stuffing, and invite all of our friends, neighbors, and family to join us. Justin's dad and his brothers and their wives started all the fun and now, "the younger generation" as we are called, are taking up some of the responsibilities and planning. We started on Friday night and we end on Sunday.... a long fun-filled weekend of running around! Thus the reason for the messy house..smile..

 So as you can see...if you need a boat oar to stir your soup....that's is a lot of soup!! After some of work is done and the hog is on the cooker for the night, it's time to have some fun! FUN is definitely something the GAERTE'S know how to do well!

The kids got to paint some pumpkins! They totally enjoyed every second of that! Justin got to play some bluegrass...and invited a few buddies to come join in! In the bottom right Justin's sister, Jessica, is enjoying sewing up the hog....The kids also played some corn hole later in the night...FUN!!
That is a look at some of the party prep. Stay tuned for the pictures of PARTY NIGHT!


Mary Ann Miller said...

Sounds like a bunch of fun for everyone! I will be watching for more pictures.

Sab said...

So neat! Sounds like loads of fun!

Anonymous said...

we wanted to say thanks again for inviting us to join you guys for the hog roast. we had a really nice time and the food was GREAT!!

love, christa

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