Monday, November 30, 2009

Gift Ideas for Kiddos 2-4 years old....

Snap N Style dolls have been a great pick for Julia. She is 2 yrs. old and ready for Barbies and all but this is a great product a friend told me about. This is one of the sets she got for her B-day. I picked up one for $10 at a local retail store and the set included ONE baby, 2 onsies, 2 hats, a little purple teddy bear (smaller than the baby), 1 blanket, and the bed. The onsies simply snap onto the baby by pushing them up against her....making it easy even for a two old to take them off and put them on. Julia loves playing with them!!

TJ Berrytales is my first suggested gift. Zach who is four still loves listening to "TJ" as he tells each story....There are little cartridges that go into the back of TJ and then a play,pause, and stop button. Tj can simply tell the story to younger kids, or if you trust them not to destroy the cute books they can follow along. We got this many years ago and all my kids have enjoyed him. You can buy additional books at $15-$20. When I looked up a link for TJ they started at $179.00....maybe this is a newer version that what we have, because I am positive that our cost more like $40 or so.....

You are looking at one of the best products I know of, Brain Quest cards!!!! I honestly can't say enough positive things about this lovely simply product. Ages 2-3 is the first set that is available as far as age goes. We have them all the way up through 2nd grade. These cards are double sided any ask 3 question per card. I love them because they are sooooo much fun yet educational for the kids to enjoy. My kids love them because they are colorful, challenging, and engagaing. They love that when we sit down to do them that they get some great one on one time with mom. Yet they are also set up for older children to complete them individually.  There us such an asssortment of these cards per package that the kids do them over and over without boredome as well. Yet another plus to this product it is affordable.....$10 at many retail stores!!

 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Leap FROG!!!!!! We have 5 Leap Frog Dvd's and I can't wait for yet another new one coming out this spring!!! If my kids are going to watch DVD's or TV I would like them to get more out of it than just vegetating on the couch. I want what they watch and take in to be stimulating, engaging, and educational....No not everything we watch falls into this category.....I totally LOVE how these DVD's are educational without being to corny for even my older boys to still watch when the younger kids want to watch them. They have fun music and just a great learning approach. Caleb and  Zach learned their letters and their sounds very early because of these great DVD's. Again they are very affordable for everyone!! Around $10....or cheaper!! GO here and buy them for $7.96 each.....scroll down to the bottom and keep looking on the right hand side to see the other Leap Frog dvds available!!

So there are a few suggestions for the 2-4 age group!! Just FYI for you all these are all products that either I bought myself or they were given as gifts to us from family. I am not getting paid or asked to review these products by any of the individual companies. So they are just my own honest opinions to help spur you on in trying to find budget friendly, and kid-friendly gifts for your loved ones!


Genesa said...

Love the brain quest cards! My mil has a bunch of these that we borrow!

Allen said...

I love all of these ideas. I have a great tray to do a practice one, and was hoping to make some as gifts if it turns out well, Yours is a nice blog. Liked it!!!

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