Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#3 Field Trip Friday!

Our third week of field trips was a little extra special...we took a whole family trip up north a couple hours for a weekend of fun.

We have never went and spent the day on the beach...so for two days we played, we laughed, and just enjoyed being together! (Warning....LOTS of photos to follow).
What a gorgeous view as we walked onto the beach!
 Caleb enjoying every second in the water that he could...
 Lance's sand wall....
 We buried Lance in the sand...lots of giggles had by all!
 He struck a random pose and said, "Mom take my picture"....I think my kids have my #!!
 Going out to breakfast as a family is something that never really happens...this was such a treat for all of us....Zach was especially thrilled with his "create a pancake" at IHOP.
 We visited the local farmers market...a couple of the vendors has dreamy flowers bouquets. Julia wanted her picture by the sunflowers...isn't she cute?
 Then she wanted a picture on the HUGE cannon...although I was more interested in capturing her.
 Our #3 Field Trip Friday actually happened on Saturday...shhhhhh don't tell anyone! We went to the Curious Kids Discovery Zone. (There was an extreme downpour outside so we couldn't enjoy the beach.....so we spent almost 3 hours hanging out here). The first display was a huge attraction for my boys....even my biggest boy!
 Like father...like son....doesn't it look so cool? (Zach on left, Caleb on right)
 Caleb couldn't keep his hands out of water display.....fun....fun....
 Zach and Caleb climbed this wall again & again...
 Each night after spending the day at the beach we went out for some evening fun as well. The first night we went to the movie theater and watched "Smurfs".  The second night we went to an arcade and then went for ice cream.
Caleb & Justin
 Daddy & Julia
Zach, Caleb, Me, & Lance
 Our second morning we headed to Sophia's house of Pancake....Julia loved her Teddy Bear Pancake!
 Caleb ordered a 4-stacker...he's an eater so I thought he could do it....when they brought this GIANT pile of pancake....this is his BEFORE shot.......
 This is his after shot...no I didn't tell him to make that face....almost conquered it, maybe next time....
 What a fantastic time away.....I'm looking forward to many more weekend ventures!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lance's Baptism

Something very special happened to our family about a week ago. Our oldest son made a decision to go forward and be baptized. My little cutie nephew came to join in our excitement....such a handsome guy!

 At the baptism each person was asked to share their favorite bible verse.....
Lance's verse was Acts 16:31 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.
This was the good looking bunch that publicly committed their life to Christ that night.
Lance right before his commitment...a little nervous
Now baptized in Christ!
Our supportive family

Friday, August 26, 2011

Late August Flowers

Ohhhh I just love all the bloom that brighten up the landscape throughout the seasons! Isn't it so incredible that God made things like this for us to enjoy...I'm in amazement and how breathtaking it all fits together. I took my camera out and snapped a few pictures of what things are looking like right now.

Yep those are mums in the bottom left...I caved in several weeks ago and bought some.....bright yellow!
Isn't that "worn" red picket fence just darling? I sure think so....a super sweet neighbor asked me if I wanted a pair of them for FREE!!! (They also gave us a BRAND NEW never used clothes line! I bet you wish you had neighbors like that huh?) I have them flanking each side of our garage...LOVE them!
One of my champion flower picks is this "Catmint"! It bloom spring to fall like a true trooper. I transplanted several starts from our old house and they have at least doubled if not tripled in size already. Soft, flowing, no maintenance darling little plants with purple blooms that are non-stop throughout the season. All qualities that make it one of my "must have it" perennials.
One of the views I am truly blessed to enjoy every single day....I'm enjoying all the blue skies, and all the green crops, and blooming flowers as much as I can before that "W" word comes.

September is almost here and that means is the best time to transplant any perennials you might want to divide up and give to a friend. If you are wanting some perennials to add to your landscape or gardens make sure you let others know. Anyone I have ever know who has perennials is always more than happy to pass on starts to others! All you have to do is ask or make it known what your looking for.

I'm linking up to THRIFTY DECORATING again this week for Thrifty Thursday...be sure to hop over and soak up all the great ideas and inspiration!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Morning Entertainment....

About a week and a half ago, the kids and I went out to do the morning chores and this is what we were greeted with....A CROP DUSTER... "Well Good Morning Mr. Pilot"!

 I could not believe how close he would get to the tree tops.
 I love this shot.
 In all his glory, dusting the crops...then flying UNDER the power lines....These guys are crazy!
Another money shot....it provided at least 30 minutes of talking, learning, and picture taking...I think is what a glorious way to start our day! I think I could have watched him all day..very FUN!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#2 Field Trip Friday!

We were on a roll with our first Friday being a major hit.....

#2 Field Trip...August 12th: Science Central
 Caleb was being a goofball with his puppet...
 Julia liked the Ode puppet!
 Zach on the Moon Walk display
 Caleb volunteered during a presentation, and got to play with the "dry ice"...
 Lance testing out one of the exhibits. To bad he wasn't doing it right, but I didn't tell him....he was having to much fun.
 Zach was the last but VERY BRAVE volunteer during the presentation. He has to hold the balloon (filled with Hydrogen while the lady popped it with a candle...which then lead to a fire explosion and a bomb like boom....really amazing!!
 Caleb went down the 2-story slide, but had to put on some stylish accessories first...he made it 2.8 sec
Lance the scientist (also during the presentation). 
I thought it was a great way to spend more 3 hours of our day. I wasn't thrilled with the "evolution like time line" they displayed on some of the exhibits, but my kids understand to over look those kind of comments. We were able to see the BIBLE TECH display they have on hand this month...that was kind of a let down. It basically showed some "then & now" types of examples of everyday life. This field trip cost of $32 since I had a coupon to get one of us in free. (Thanks Aunt Christa!) I do not think it was field trip that will be repeated anytime soon, only because I did feel like we had time to see everything they had in one shot. I do think it was worth the time and money to go and would recommend it if you haven't been.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Room Project....Dry Erase Paint!

While planning our school room this year I wanted a "board" without using a chalk board. The very thought of dealing with chalk dust on off-white carpet is enough to send me running the other way! When we were buying way to many gallons of paint while painting the house I spied an idea that appealed to me. A paint-on dry erase board kit! It looks a little something like this......

This is the brief version of how it works...sand the wall, prime with Kilz 2, lightly sand again, combine the "this" and "that" cans, apply one nice coat to walls. After 7 days of curing..your good to go.
I got out my yard stick and level and taped off an area that measured 4.5' X 3'.
This picture is after only one coat of primer...I ended up using three thin coats. Then applied the one coat of mixture to make the actual dry erase board.
I wanted to frame in the painted area to give it more character...so we used the old barn siding we still have....thanks to my helpful hubby for his help!
Ta-Dah! Now we have a beautiful dry erase board...who wouldn't want to come up and write problems on this baby? I'm loving it....the kids think it so cool...win..win!

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