Friday, August 26, 2011

Late August Flowers

Ohhhh I just love all the bloom that brighten up the landscape throughout the seasons! Isn't it so incredible that God made things like this for us to enjoy...I'm in amazement and how breathtaking it all fits together. I took my camera out and snapped a few pictures of what things are looking like right now.

Yep those are mums in the bottom left...I caved in several weeks ago and bought some.....bright yellow!
Isn't that "worn" red picket fence just darling? I sure think so....a super sweet neighbor asked me if I wanted a pair of them for FREE!!! (They also gave us a BRAND NEW never used clothes line! I bet you wish you had neighbors like that huh?) I have them flanking each side of our garage...LOVE them!
One of my champion flower picks is this "Catmint"! It bloom spring to fall like a true trooper. I transplanted several starts from our old house and they have at least doubled if not tripled in size already. Soft, flowing, no maintenance darling little plants with purple blooms that are non-stop throughout the season. All qualities that make it one of my "must have it" perennials.
One of the views I am truly blessed to enjoy every single day....I'm enjoying all the blue skies, and all the green crops, and blooming flowers as much as I can before that "W" word comes.

September is almost here and that means is the best time to transplant any perennials you might want to divide up and give to a friend. If you are wanting some perennials to add to your landscape or gardens make sure you let others know. Anyone I have ever know who has perennials is always more than happy to pass on starts to others! All you have to do is ask or make it known what your looking for.

I'm linking up to THRIFTY DECORATING again this week for Thrifty sure to hop over and soak up all the great ideas and inspiration!


Archer Articles said...

Thanks for sharing :) I needed a little country fix for the day...hee hee!! Love the view in the last picture and of course all the flowers too.

ayersfamily said...

So jealous! There is NOTHING green in central Texas with the massive drought we have had! 65 days with no rain!

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