Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Playing Catch UP!

It's been hopping around here as our summer has came to a close and so here is the short version of what we've been up to for the past couple weeks.....

This year has been a bad year to find places to U-pick blueberries (to much rain this Spring I heard). So we decided to buy them on sale at the store and stock up that way.....I stocked up on 35 lbs!
We picked around 15 lbs last year, so we decided to more than double it this year..YUM!
 We've been doing a little deer watching when we get the chance.....
 Date night!! We checked out a newer pizza joint....
 Dessert on Date night!
 Our Date Night Partners in much fun!
 Yahoo for DATE NIGHTS!
 Our YUMMY dessert at DeBrands!
 We dropped our oldest "man" off to church camp for the first time.......
 CABIN #10 was Lance's home for the 3-Day camp.
 Lots of fun to be had at the camp! We even enjoyed a little fun before leaving.
 The Blue River Boys were invited to perform at the Collins Church again this year.
Caleb likes the music....but he likes all the sweets that come with these gatherings even better!
It was a gorgeous evening to enjoy the food, shade, & their music ministry
I just might be partial to this guy in the band :)

That will catch up a little on The Gaertegang...until next time! 


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