Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Passing a Treasure to Julia......

When my sister & I were little (I think I was somewhere between 8-10) my grandpa made us this amazing doll house. I remember endless hours of playing house over many years.

 My mom sent it with me many years ago to store at my home. After delivering many bundles of joy (all boys) over the years, I knew when Julia came along I would someday give it to her. When we moved I had it restored a needed a little TLC after 20 years. We got it back rather quickly (thanks Kirk)! While she was away and grandma's house for a sleepover I arranged all the little pieces of furniture and had it ready for her when she came home! Want to see the inside?
 Dinning Room
Living Room
another living room shot
Bedroom #1
 Bedroom #2
Aren't these farmhouse is complete without a couple mice, right?
another nursery shot

I think it's extra special that my grandma also made all the curtains and bedding for the house!
It makes my heart melt watching her play with this special treasure. The fact that we still have so much of the furniture to go with it is really amazing. The piano is even a player piano...yep still works!
A Treasure passed from one generation to another......


Life Focus ~ A look into what's really important. said...

thats amazing!

Anonymous said...

How great! We had a log cabin that friends made for us when I was 8-10. We helped make the pipe cleaner dolls dressed as pioneers and played with it for hours too. I gave it to my girls about 4 years ago for Christmas. (We had to do a little restoration too.) And they still play with it on a regular basis. I love it!

Taryn Lopshire said...

Oh WOW! That is amazing!! What a lucky girl! :)

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