Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#3 Field Trip Friday!

Our third week of field trips was a little extra special...we took a whole family trip up north a couple hours for a weekend of fun.

We have never went and spent the day on the beach...so for two days we played, we laughed, and just enjoyed being together! (Warning....LOTS of photos to follow).
What a gorgeous view as we walked onto the beach!
 Caleb enjoying every second in the water that he could...
 Lance's sand wall....
 We buried Lance in the sand...lots of giggles had by all!
 He struck a random pose and said, "Mom take my picture"....I think my kids have my #!!
 Going out to breakfast as a family is something that never really happens...this was such a treat for all of us....Zach was especially thrilled with his "create a pancake" at IHOP.
 We visited the local farmers market...a couple of the vendors has dreamy flowers bouquets. Julia wanted her picture by the sunflowers...isn't she cute?
 Then she wanted a picture on the HUGE cannon...although I was more interested in capturing her.
 Our #3 Field Trip Friday actually happened on Saturday...shhhhhh don't tell anyone! We went to the Curious Kids Discovery Zone. (There was an extreme downpour outside so we couldn't enjoy the beach.....so we spent almost 3 hours hanging out here). The first display was a huge attraction for my boys....even my biggest boy!
 Like father...like son....doesn't it look so cool? (Zach on left, Caleb on right)
 Caleb couldn't keep his hands out of water display.....fun....fun....
 Zach and Caleb climbed this wall again & again...
 Each night after spending the day at the beach we went out for some evening fun as well. The first night we went to the movie theater and watched "Smurfs".  The second night we went to an arcade and then went for ice cream.
Caleb & Justin
 Daddy & Julia
Zach, Caleb, Me, & Lance
 Our second morning we headed to Sophia's house of Pancake....Julia loved her Teddy Bear Pancake!
 Caleb ordered a 4-stacker...he's an eater so I thought he could do it....when they brought this GIANT pile of pancake....this is his BEFORE shot.......
 This is his after shot...no I didn't tell him to make that face....almost conquered it, maybe next time....
 What a fantastic time away.....I'm looking forward to many more weekend ventures!


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