Friday, August 19, 2011

#1 Field Trip Friday!

When starting to plan the new school year, I really wanted to inject lots of fun into our schooling to kick off our year on a good note! Thus the idea of Field Trip Friday was born....I decided we would school Tues-Thurs. in the month of August with Friday reserved for field trips....So far it has been so fun and has indeed started our year off with the FUN I was aiming to achieve.

#1 Field Trip.....August 5th: Lucky U Ceramics 
Several rows of goodies to choose from...starting at .75 and going up from there. I was happy with the variety.
 Caleb picked as monkey to paint
 Zach also picked a monkey, and he painted with much intensity the whole time!I think his looks the most realistic!
  Lance painted a beagle...even though it's nose looks like a pig, lol!
Caleb's finished monkey.
Zach's monkey...

The kids absolutely loved being able to make their own creations. The whole field trip cost around $28. This included the cost of the ceramics, plus a $4 fee person to paint and seal it. Instead of firing the items they were sprayed with a sealant, and we could take them home that day. It was a fun field trip that I think we will do again. I might even paint something next time!


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