Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#2 Field Trip Friday!

We were on a roll with our first Friday being a major hit.....

#2 Field Trip...August 12th: Science Central
 Caleb was being a goofball with his puppet...
 Julia liked the Ode puppet!
 Zach on the Moon Walk display
 Caleb volunteered during a presentation, and got to play with the "dry ice"...
 Lance testing out one of the exhibits. To bad he wasn't doing it right, but I didn't tell him....he was having to much fun.
 Zach was the last but VERY BRAVE volunteer during the presentation. He has to hold the balloon (filled with Hydrogen while the lady popped it with a candle...which then lead to a fire explosion and a bomb like boom....really amazing!!
 Caleb went down the 2-story slide, but had to put on some stylish accessories first...he made it 2.8 sec
Lance the scientist (also during the presentation). 
I thought it was a great way to spend more 3 hours of our day. I wasn't thrilled with the "evolution like time line" they displayed on some of the exhibits, but my kids understand to over look those kind of comments. We were able to see the BIBLE TECH display they have on hand this month...that was kind of a let down. It basically showed some "then & now" types of examples of everyday life. This field trip cost of $32 since I had a coupon to get one of us in free. (Thanks Aunt Christa!) I do not think it was field trip that will be repeated anytime soon, only because I did feel like we had time to see everything they had in one shot. I do think it was worth the time and money to go and would recommend it if you haven't been.


Genesa said...

Looks like fun! I think we are heading there in a couple weeks!

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