Monday, August 1, 2011

Fruit Garden Update 2

Not much change has been happening in the fruit garden....spreading out roots and laying the foundation for lush and yummy fruit next year. All of that to say there isn't much to see right now, except that the plants are doing well. and the zinnias and shasta daisies are blooming (but they aren't fruit!) Here are a few photos....FYI: these were taken after a FULL day of weeding and an evening tilling. Yep that bad...but now looking less shameful!

Bottom: Thornless Red Raspberry / Top: Zinnias
Thornless blackberry (growing very well)
 Strawberry patch #1 (transplanted one month earlier than #2, both doing well this area is filled in more.)

Just to prove the point and keep it REAL around here....this might be the area in front of the garden where my hibiscus bushes and Rhubarb are planted. It have looked even worse in person....but I'm happy to report that it is now weed free!
Without all the weeds distracting your eyes you can now see these...
and these....
and the rhubarb transplants.....
much better now! 

One more thing! Here is this LOVELY door that a friend of mine rescued from "trash day" for me. She actually TWO of them she scored for me (nice friend huh?)....for FREE! I thought it might be fun for you all to guess what I'm planning to do with one of them. 
Hint: It is not being used as a door.


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