Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gaerte Academy 2011-2012

Our school year has already began...We have been having a blast! Here are some of the things we've been up to...the first series of picture the kids used chalk to draw there favorite thing of the summer...

Rainbows were Julia's favorite thing...
Zach Spiderman's favorite part was feeding the cats....
 Caleb...ahem...I mean Ninja Turtle Caleb's favorite part of the summer was starting school.
Lance's favorite part of summer...Field Trip Friday (more on that later). In his chalk drawing he is painting ceramics.
 The weather has really made a turn towards dreamy so we have used any and all excuses to hang out outside! This time our excuse was bubbles!
When we are not playing outside, these are a couple of our favorite things to do inside....
We have two bean bags for our reading nook...Julia loves to hang out and "read"
Zach is blending sounds and three letter words together.

One of the tools that we are using to help with this is the School Zone Three Letter Words cards. (less than $3 at Walmart)...
The kids put together the cards to make the words (by matching up the pictures), then they practice sounding out the words.
 There is nothing super special about the cards, but for the price they work well. The kids like the colorful illustrated pictures.
Julia like that she get to use the new cards as well.

Next I'll share what we've been doing on Field Trip Friday.


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