Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Room Project....Dry Erase Paint!

While planning our school room this year I wanted a "board" without using a chalk board. The very thought of dealing with chalk dust on off-white carpet is enough to send me running the other way! When we were buying way to many gallons of paint while painting the house I spied an idea that appealed to me. A paint-on dry erase board kit! It looks a little something like this......

This is the brief version of how it works...sand the wall, prime with Kilz 2, lightly sand again, combine the "this" and "that" cans, apply one nice coat to walls. After 7 days of curing..your good to go.
I got out my yard stick and level and taped off an area that measured 4.5' X 3'.
This picture is after only one coat of primer...I ended up using three thin coats. Then applied the one coat of mixture to make the actual dry erase board.
I wanted to frame in the painted area to give it more character...so we used the old barn siding we still have....thanks to my helpful hubby for his help!
Ta-Dah! Now we have a beautiful dry erase board...who wouldn't want to come up and write problems on this baby? I'm loving it....the kids think it so cool...win..win!


Mominin said...

Looks great! I've never seen dry erase paint before!

Jordan McCollum said...

I saw dry erase paint on a segment on a show about inventions earlier this year—it's pretty new stuff and VERY cool!

Gaertegang said...

I only wished the "dry erase paint" was also magnetic like the boards you buy. Other than that I'm loving it!

Genesa said...

Looks great Danielle!

Nicole Green said...

Fantastic! My 8 year old will love this.

lisa steve said...

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