Sunday, September 4, 2011

Homestead Happenings

It's been a long while since I updated on our Homestead Happenings. Here are some pictures of how things are going around the Gaerte Homestead. The first picture is of Lance's ducks...all grown up now. We had a sad event happen, we lost of the ducks to a predator of some sort.

 I love watching how all the animals hang out together....this playful kitten "Happy" loves to lay in the sun and watch the chickens roam.
 We moved the one laying chick and ducks to this pen so the other chicken could get used to them before we combined them all together....which we did this past week. Everyone is getting along!
 These ornery puppies have grown like weeds.....boy do they have a LOT of energy!!! 
Camo on the left, Caleb, Hunter on the right.
 These are the second batch of meat chickens we have raised this year. In just about a week or so they will be joining our freezer...I have to admit there is a remarkable difference in taste with these chickens compared to what we were getting from the store......YUMMO!
 This is one of Lance's 4-H pigs that didn't meet market weight during the fair. We thought it was a great opportunity to keep him, fatten him up, and add him to our freezer as well....which will be happening very soon as well.
 I bought and canned peaches for the first time EVER. I was so surprised at how easy and rather quickly I was able to accomplish this task. My total was 15 quarts of yummy goodness to enjoy during the winter months!
Yesterday, we welcomed yet another liter of kittens! They are so stinkin' cute! I've been trying to convince the MISTER that we NEED to get these females fixed so this doesn't keep happening. If for no other save my sanity when we have to get rid of them and all the children vote to KEEP ALL of them. So in 8 weeks your welcome to let me know if you would like one of the four little beauties for your own!


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