Thursday, September 8, 2011

Field Trip Friday #5

The month of August came to a close, but because of the holiday weekend we decided to squeeze in another Friday field before we resume a 5 day week school week. BOY I AM GLAD WE DID!!!!
This is where we went...about a 45 minute drive for us! (BONUS: While on this field trip we hit the bulk food store and stock up on spices, peaches, apples, dried fruit, popcorn, and wheat flour.)

The beginning of our tour was guided. Some talking by our guide, videos, & lighted demonstrations all kept the kids very interested the entire time we were there! Below is a picture of one of the demonstrations that lite up while they were talking about each event.
This was one of the videos they watched during the tour.

After the guided part we were off on our own. Lance had a paper filled with questions to answer along our way. He was set on getting all of them answered. I LOVE his thirst for learning!

This field trip was by in far the BEST museum type trip we've been on ever! We got in on the family rate of only $16! I was shocked to learn this center has been there since the 80's yet I've only know about it for a few years. I would HIGHLY recommend visiting if you get the chance, we spent a little over 3 hours there...engaged in learning the entire time!
For those of you in my area, where some other places or events you have visited that you would recommend checking out. FALL is upon us let me know what harvest things you'll be doing!


Anonymous said...

Where was this located? I would love to take this in if it is close enough. It sounds like so much fun!
Due to some unexpected events that have occurred in our family this year, I have not been able to blog and I have really missed it. I am back now, maybe still on a limited basis, and I really look forward to connecting with everyone again.
Please visit me if you get a chance.

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