Saturday, September 17, 2011

Homestead Happenings....

I haven't posted anything in more than a week! I've been running around like crazy crossing things off my list. One of things that kept me busy almost every night for a week was canning! Tis the season......I did two batches of spaghetti sauce, one batch of applesauce, peaches, and tomato juice. I lost nearly an entire bushel of peaches to mold....ugh! I had no idea they wouldn't keep for several days. As frustrating as that was I chalked it up to "Live & Learn!"

My pretty peaches!

One of the nights I wasn't canning I was bagging up chickens....Really is it that time already?
We didn't complete the task that night but we bagged up the first NINE! We left all these chicken whole since we had to cut up the others to get them into gallon bags. This time I was prepared and bought  TWO GALLON SIZE bags! Call me crazy, but putting your own meat in the freezer is wonderful!
As fall officially is under way, all my flowers are on the blooming decrease. I brought in a sunflower bouquet early last week. Look so great with my little Indian Corn! I'm keeping the seed heads and drying them out to replant these gorgeous beauties next year. This variety only gets 3-4ft high.
 The variation of the colors is so yummy
Yesterday I changed it up and snipped a little off my little peach rose bush.

On another afternoon/evening the boys clean up a fence row that had lots of dead limbs in it
Which led to this.....
Hope your enjoying cooler temperatures in your area...we are soaking up every last second of it here! I am hoping to do some more transplanting, thanks to some generous people in my life! As I put my garden to bed for the fall/winter I'm already dreaming up what I will plant and add next year. Also on the agenda is making grape juice from some Concord grapes from Aunt Cindy! She also shared some tomatoes and zucchini with us!! I see more spaghetti sauce and zucchini bread in our future!!


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