Monday, September 5, 2011

Grocery Report

I went on my monthly grocery shopping trip last week and Kroger was one of my stops. I haven't made a coupon run in soooooooo very long but I thought I would share this little score with you. I had almost forgotten what is felt like to have such a coupon high! (smile)

 Here is the break down of my deals: Starting on the left
4 Notebooks on clearance: $.15 each
2 M&M's: manufactor $1 coupon
2 Snack packs $.50 coupon (tripled) paid .50 for both
5 Cake mixes: $.99 each
5 Kashi Cereal: $2.99 each
Because I bought the cake mix and the cereal equaling 10 back to school items I got $5.00 off my total
2 Cranberries
2 Ranch Dressing
1 Sugar: I had a manufacturer coupon and a Kroger coupon paid $.39
OJ: had a manuf. coupon and a Kroger coupon
eggs: FREE egg coupon from Kroger 
Peter Pan: Manf. coupon & Kroger coupon
Sour cream: Kroger coupon
2 Coffee Creamer: Kroger coupon
Facial Cleanser: Kroger coupon
Make up remover: Manf. coupon
watermelon, 2 strawberries, and $.39 a lb. bananas
1 head of lettuce
I also had a coupon for $1 off when I purchased $5 in the dairy dept.
Because of a mix up the manager accidentally have me another $5 off since she didn't think it took it from the back to school deal. We later discovered that it actually had...she said don't worry about and let me keep the $5 extra off my total!! How COOL is that! Blessing.....Blessing.
I SAVED $44 in coupons and discounts and SPENT $61....I was thrilled with that considering the items I bought!!!
In case your wondering about all those Kroger coupons....I got them in a mailer from them several weeks ago. If you do not receive these I'm sure you can go to their website and sign up for them, or call your local Kroger and ask them how you can get them.


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