Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kroger Mega Sale

If you haven't hit Kroger's Mega sale you might want to consider it. I was able to get 41 items for $57...which was great considering $11 was toilet paper and I got 4 things of Johnsonville brats and sausage, plus 2 Cascade items....I got FREE International coffee creamer and a FREE cool whip! I was so excited that my home PC decided that it's strike of printing off coupns was over. For some reason it printed most of them that I wanted. Yahoo for that!!
I also made a run to Aldi and stocked up on canned items and a number of other staples. This grocery run has been the first time I have made a big run since mid-December. I had challenged myself to "Eating from the pantry/freezer" since that time. I feel very proud of how it all worked out. FYI: Justin made some little stops during that time for needed fruit,milk, bread, and cheese. I know during this time we didn't spend over $100 though. (giving God the glory for working all that that)        DANIELLE


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