Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A God Moment....

 On Tuesday,  I sent out the following email to our church, family, and friends. I wanted to share it with you as well, but at the end this post I have the update on what events followed this prayer request.

Last night (Monday night), as Justin returned to his hotel, he was unloading a few last minutes things out of his van. He had noticed a young black family was hanging out by one of the side entrances...he heard the little kids playing....After collecting all of his things he started for the main entrance to head to his room.
The man called out to him as he was walking "Sir!"
Justin stopped and the man continued to approach.
This man started off by saying, "I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to come and ask you if you could come and play special music for a revival service. I am the special speaker for the revival and I wondered if you could come tomorrow at 730p."
Justin response, "Well, what kind of preacher are you?"
The man "I preach the truth for the Word of God."
Justin then said, "I probably have a couple songs I could share."
The man then excitedly exclaims "I knew it!" (Justin said the man kept repeating "I knew it!" several times during their continued conversation.)

My point in sharing this with you all:
To bath my sweet husband and the last night of this revival service in TONS of prayer from all of us here at home. I can't even tell you how we both have been moved by this display of opportunity to share the love of God through music. My heart feels as if it might explode with excitement in watching to see what the Lord has in store for Justin tonight.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for open ears, open hearts, and a true revival in the hearts of all who attend tonight. To GOD BE THE GLORY!

This next section is an email from my husband sharing what happened last night (Tuesday). PRAISE BE TO GOD!

What a time of worship last night!  I was the only white person there, but that didn't bother the Holy Spirit or the colored folks there.
There was about 30 people in a hotel conference room.  After some worship music (black southern style) we all got our knees and prayed for the Holy Spirit to do a work in us, while several pastors and elders anointed everyone with oil.  Then the guest speaker who called me aside in he parking lot the night before, called me up to misister with music.  I sang my song "Words in Red".  
It was the first time I ever played and had people standing up, raising their hands in praise and hollering out things like "Go On!, "Bring it to Us!", and "Testify!"
I told them my church back home was praying for their meeting and several of them jumped up and were shaking their heads and shouting halleiluhah!
The Church's music director came in late, right after my song, and they made me get up and do the same song again.
When I got through the 2nd time, she got up to the microphone and said my song was "confirmation from God" because she wants to sing country gospel professionally (she gave me a CD she's recorded) and my being there from Indiana was a sign. 
Then the speaker (tall slender 30 something preacher) got up and preached from Romans 8:10-11 and 1st John about the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit.
He was jumping around and shouting like I've only seen on TV.  I don't think he was putting on a show, he was just giving it his all.  The whole time he was workin' up a sweat preaching, folks were jumping out of there seats and shouting encouragement.  Kinda like an intense ball game.
When he finished, we sang some more and then almost all the adult men went up one by one and "Testified" briefly.  
Finally there was an alter call and several kids went forward where they were anointed with oil and prayed over.
Afterwards everybody was hugging and praising God. 
I had several people come up and give me a hug and tell me they couldn't believe God sent me all the way from Indiana to minister on the last night of their 3 night revival.
I'll never forget it and I thank you for the prayers.  I guess they recorded the meeting and the pastor wants to send me a copy.  If he does, I'll share it if anybody wants to check it out.
Be careful if you go walking to your hotel room  carrying your Bible and guitar case.  Who knows what you might be getting into!


Anonymous said...

i am happy that it went so well for Justin! we have been praying for him! i hope he made it home safe today!

Mominin said...

Danielle . . . I think this is just an amazing story! I'm so glad that it was such a great experience for Justin. I have to admit that after the first e-mail Aaron and I were wondering if he was carrying his guitar with him . . . Justin answered that later. Such a great story to be told for years to come!

Linda Stubbs said...

Precious! The Lord loves to use His children to bring glory to Him! What a wonderful story and memory for you both to remember.

Blessings, Linda

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