Monday, January 11, 2010

A FUN find near me!!

Well look at these goodies I scored at a store near me, no less. During a FUN get togethert this past weekend with some friends I discovered there is this little shop near me that sells baking staples at a very reasonable prices.....So today while my oldest guy was at the library for a class I made a stop to check it out. I was thrilled at being able to purchase all this for $25! The honey was $9.50 on it's own though....we love honey around here and I don't often buy it because it's so costly but I thought this was a great deal on such a large can!!! I also bought dried bananas, apples, and pineapples and threw them all together for a yummy snack mixture...Mmmm! Then I bought some staples: two things of yeast, wheat germ, wheat bran, cinnamon, ginger, buttermilk powder (So I can whip up some buttermilk when I have a recipe that calls for it.), and Lecithin granules.
I didn't buy any today, but I also saw they had a #22 bad of bread flour for $14.75...which I thought was great compared to what I spent last month at another place online! I didn't need any right now, but I will keep that in mind for the next time I want to purchase some.
I am so excited to have a place so close to me that sells such great staples for great prices. THANKS AMY for tipping me off to such a FUN find!!



Mominin said...

O.K. . . . you need to let me know where it is!! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle! I want to know where this place is too! Great blog!
Shelley G

The Gaertegang Homestead said...

On 30 towards Warsaw on the left hand side of the road....about 5 minutes or so from CCity. Open Mon-Sat. 9-5

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