Monday, January 18, 2010

FREE Lowe's Magazines

Do you love getting magazines in the mail that give you creative inspiration? I DO!! I have been getting a magazine from Lowe's for a while now. It is FREE and always has fun ideas for the home and garden. HERE is the link to go sign up to get your own  little inspiration in the mail.....BONUS this wonderful little magazine also has coupons inside them every so often.

There are two magazines to pick from OR get them both if they interest you:

Home & Garden: Bimonthly publication
You can get the smaller version (48 pg) FREE mailed to you (which is what I get)
or you can buy the 80 pg. publication from Lowe's for $2.98 per issue in the store.

This is a quarterly publication. I do not currently get this publication, but I am      signing up for it today!                                                  



Mominin said...

Thanks, Danielle! Just signed up.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Hubby works for Lowe's! :) We actually received both of those for awhile, then I'm assuming - because I didn't renew or something.. they quit coming. So, Danielle, thanks for the reminder. I always thought they were very nice magazines (and that was back before the hubs worked for them.. lol). -Tammy

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