Friday, January 15, 2010

Miss Julia's skirts done!

Remeber the fabric and patterns I got from Marie-Madeline Studios before Christmas? Remember the high hopes I had to have a few sewing days before Christmas to get them done? CONFESSION: It never happened! I did get started on one of the skirts....then they just sat...and sat...and sat. It did not help that I have my sewing machine packed away in a closet with everything I need also in boxes. That means in order to get these done I had to take time to go to my mother-in-laws (kids free) so I could accomplish these adorable things......Again it never happened.

So I decided to hire my fantastic sewing Diva mother-in-law to finish them for me! These little projects gave her something to work on and me piece of mind they were getting done! It was worth every penny...I insisted she was not working for free!! She inisisted otherwise....I WON!
They turned out sooooo cute! I can't wait for her to wear! Girls are so fun...minus the drama they produce! ( I think this is where I apologize to my mom for every "girl" moment I ever put her through......and just think my little drama mama i sonly 2 1/2 years old...So much more to look forward to.......big smile...big sigh!)



Genesa said...

Those are really cute! I can almost see her in them!

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