Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year Goals...."My List"

I was inspired to get some goals written down for 2010. I really enjoyed reading what other bloggers had to say about their own goals for the year. First of all, I should start by saying I don't get into making unrealistic life changes. I know that for me my list needs to include things I am committed to changing, thing I have been working on already, and realizing I am a busy wife, mommy, and homeschooler that just can't "Do it all". That doesn't mean that I didn't set some high achieving goals ....just that I kept my list limited.
I decided that dividing goals into catagories was the way to go for me. As we go through 2010, my hope is to keep you informed in a very transparent way on how God is using those goals to mold me throughout the year. I plan to bring you up to speed on what is happening around the Gaertegang household and how "the list" is panning out......My purpose?
To give God the glory for everything, inspire you to set your own goals, and make myself accountable for the things I put on my list.

#1 Continue to be consistent in God's Word daily
#2 Study my Bible in conjunction with a concordance so I can a deeper understanding (buy a concordance!)
#3 Begin prayer journaling again
#1 More read aloud time together
#2 Continue "NO worksheet Wednesday" & Make Friday our test day
#3 Consider using a Unit Study next year
#1 Make myself a checklist of my household I can better track what needs to be done
#2 Keep the boys encouraged/disciplined on their chore lists
#3 Do all things big or small with a servant's heart
#1 Continue to faithfully tithe and be generous when led
#2 Be very conscious of how we spend God's money and what we spend it on
#3 PAY OFF OUR MORTGAGE!!!! ohhh to be debt free....can't hardly wait!!!
#1 No yelling (Sometimes I feel like that is only way I am heard, not a good excuse though)
#2 More patients...hence the no yelling issue..
#3 Do all things in LOVE....listen more!
#1 Continue to learn more about cooking from scratch..Don't burn myself out...
#2 Continue to cook meals ahead whenever possible to help with time issues
#3 Keep collecting healthy budget friendly ideas.
#1 Monthly date nights
#2 Get away at least once a year!
#3 Being a happy helpmate at all times
#1 Create a space for my hobbies (somewhere?)
#2 send a stamped card twice a month
#3 Quilt once a month
#4 Blog for document my family....not feel pressure (from myself) to keep a certain schedule

Okay so there it is...I felt is was important to keep my list in each area to only #3 items.
The point: To be able to keep a concentrated effort in each area.

So have you written any goal for yourself, your marriage, your household yet? If not, you might want to seriously consider sitting down (with your spouse) and writing you own list.....Why??? I heard once "If we aim for nothing we will hit it everytime." Having a goal gives us direction, and something to work hard for.....of course keeping in mind, that our "goals" may not always be the same as the Lord's. I think that if you spend time in prayer about what goals the Lord would want for us, we will have some perspective to shoot from.



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