Friday, January 22, 2010

100th Day of School!!!

Today, January 22nd marks our 100th day of school, only 80 more to go! It seems very crazy to me that we are already over half way done with our school year. This year I wanted to do some really fun things to celebrate our 100th day! I thought I would share my ideas (and some ideas from the internet)
that we did today.

 First I broke out the Cherrios...they had to count out 100!
 Then we made 10 groups of 10!
 Then they made picture and had to use all 100 Cherrios.
 Then we made up a list of what each of them would do if someone gave them $100.
Lance: movie $10, game $15, dart gun $20 (we already have way to many of those things), tithe $10, gameboy from Ebay $15, game boy game $10, Donation to Haiti $20.
Caleb: Gameboy game $20, offering $10, Pokeman cards $5, Board game $10, donation to Noble House $50 (local shelter), Molly's medicine $5 (this is the little girl who you all prayed for that had 2 brain surguries.)
 Then we got out our little change bucket. We measured 100 pennies (this is only 50....100 would have fallen over!) Then we measured $1.00 worth of nickels, dimes, and quarters and compared the measurements.
 After money counting we went to the living room for some active time. We did various activities for 100 seconds...jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups (we kept switching it up for the duration of 100 seconds). Then we did other things like make funny faces for 100 sec, lie without talking for 100 sec, praying for 100 sec, played target="_blank" "live cow, dead cow, and sleeping cow for 100 sec.
Then we came back to the table and numbered our paper to 100 and wrote 100 words we knew. 100 words might have been a little much for Caleb (1st grade). He made it though!!!
We also did some skip counting to 2's, by 5's, by 10's. Last we ended with making a list of 100 things we were thankful for....I enjoyed this so much! I loved hearing what they came up with.....some funny, some serious. At the conclusion of this activity, we had a great visual of all the things (plus many we didn't mention) that we have been blessed with!

Are there any extra fun you do at your homeschool or your children do at school for celebrating 100th day? Where are you in your school year?



Sab said...

too cute! I love that! 100th day, lots of 100... awesome!

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