Monday, January 18, 2010

For the LOVE of Books....

Our library has so many great FREE programs we have been able to take advantage of. My two oldest boys have always loved going to art, which is offered twice a month for $2 per child for a one hour session of instruction...great deal! Even better is how much they Love Miss Joanie their teacher..she is so wonderful and sweet. This fall they started up Cooking 101 (FREE) for children 3rd grade and up. Lance went in Oct., Nov., and this month....he thinks he is a little chef!

As of yesterday, the library kicked off "Family Winter Reading Club". Each week you report how many books you read and then your family is put into a drawing for various goody baskets. Since we were a little excited about fueling our love of reading around here, we filled an entire bag with books when the boys went to art on Thursday last week. The program kicked off officially on Sunday, but we started reading on Friday....Above is a picture of what we have read so far......Some I have read to them, some the older boys have read, and we still have about a half a bag of books to read.

So if your kiddos are feeling a little caged in with the cold weather, start your own reading program amongst all the family members in your home. Have a piece of paper for each child and when they finish the book they write the title and then could offer your own little incentives along the way...pick a movie of your choice to watch......stay up one hour late....pick mom in the kitchen making creative and have fun with it!



Mominin said...

Great idea, to do your own program! I'll have to give it a try.

Sab said...

I LOVED reading programs we had in school. The "I love to read month" was my favorite thing about the new year, and I looked forward to it! I want to instil a love of reading in my children... if I can!

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