Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Good Laugh~ Just For The Joy Of It!

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Here is a little story that is sure to make you shake your head...then laugh!

A few weeks ago, we had the septic tank guy (aka: "Turd herder" according to my boys) come and pump out our tank. Which, by the way, was WAY over due of needing to be done!! So anyway we had been awaiting his arrival because they had already called to cancel and reschedule due to repair issues on the truck. Well he finally made it at lunch time one day...he was suppose to be here around 10a....and of course the first my boys wanted to do was attack him with 100 million questions about how he was going to accomplish such a task. I held them off for a little while, but once they were all bundled up they were pacing at the door to go out. So after the lecture of "Please don't bother the poor man to death, don't get in the way, and don't ask too many questions" I sent them off on their adventure!
You see, my oldest, Lance, was convinved that if he got enough information for this man that he could do a report for me on "The Turd Herder" for his school work that day. He had it all worked out, The story would be his spelling and language, writing the story also covered his handwriting, and he would of course draw me some detailed picture so art was out of the way as well. To conclude his school day, he would do some calcualting on how much "poo" he thought we had in our tank and how much the truck would get the picture right?
About 15 minutes into the "pumping out process" the man comes to the door and informs me his truck is now full and he will have to take it 35 minutes away to be emptied and then return to finish the job. Grrr...I thought, are you kidding me you take three times before you show up and then you come with a partially full truck and have to come back again!!! Well whatever, not such a huge deal just a bit annoying.
So after four and half hours the man FINALLY returns...that must have been some trip to take such a time. Again he starts what he needs to do and finishes.....without any little spectators. He again comes to the door for his money, and while I am writing him a check I was asking about how things went...he replied "I think I got it 95% empty"...I was not thrilled with his confidence level, but grateful the job was done. I said "Well I am glad to have it done with six of us in the house we were overdue for needing it pumped out." He looked at me and said "What four kids...I mean I could see if drugs were legal, but come on, there is no reason for that!" I stood still a bit taken back by his statement...then I just laughed a little...He went on to say "Are you just gluton for punishment or what? With that many you could never get away from them all at the same time." Again, what do you say after that? I just said "We try to get away together once a year and date nights are nice, but we like having our kids around."
After he left I processed the conversation over again in my head...laughing and then immediately calling my Hubby...."REALLY HE SAID THOSE EXACT WORDS" I told my husband,,,then we just laughed together!
I can say that even though I have never gotten a response like that before when people know that we have four kids...although I could tell some stories......It brought me joy~
I don't care what others think about the size of our family. What is really fun to me is that having four kids in today's world is considered to be so unthinkable....Like having 15 kids maybe 50 years ago.....I am okay with others thinking there must be something wrong with us to on purpose have four kids.....I don't think I want them to relate it to drugs though.....maybe instead to the LORD blessing our home with non-stop busy little people.
Ohhh there are moments in my day at times that I think I must be crazy to have four kiddos....but those are just fleeting moments.....we all have them I know.....So I wish you a JOYFUL Thursday..Thanks for stopping in to visit!


Genesa said...

WOW! That would've been quite an interesting conversation! =) PTL for His blessings!

Tiffany said...

I get those type of comments all the time. 5 KIDS are you crazy? What were you thinking?
We even get it from John's family. My family is good with big families. There are 38 grandkids and 38 great grandkids. Then I have 13 cousins still in school that have not started thier families. We still get together to celebrate every holiday including Christmas on Christmas eve. It is held every year at Grandpa and Grandma's. That is a little crazy, but you just go with it.

Really we were happy with 4 but God had very different plans for us. So you just deal with it and go on.

Megan said...

That's just crazy.. what is he thinking!?!?!?!?

Jamie~ said...

Amen! I totally agree! We have four and sometimes the looks I get...

PS Homeschoolers really get things figured out, right? I mean I can't see public schooled kids getting away with writing a report about poo. Smart boy! :)

Erin said...

I'm glad you have such a good sense of humor about this! My sis has four kids, and we have three, and I'm always surprised by the things people think it's okay to say. Here in Iowa it's not so unusual to have a big family, but where my sister lives it's very out of the ordinary. I think you handled it with grace-- and I'm with you. These big pains in the neck are also the sweetest blessings in the universe!

Sharon said...

hee hee hee hee! I don't know why, but it seems to strike my funny bone that the Poo Herder is giving you advice about kids. Does that seem right to you?!

And I agree with Jamie - way to go homeschoolers!

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