Saturday, January 2, 2010


 Christmas morning began at our are some pics of the fun!

 Julia was the last one up...the boys were none to thrilled that they had to wait on her to get up before they could open presents. I wanted to show you this adorable baby doll sling Julia is wearing. I ordered it off Esty...It is soooooo cute and she totally loved it and wasted no time putting a baby in it and then kept is on the rest of the morning...(Only cost $10)
 Lance was excited to get Battleship, because Justin has been telling him how much fun it is to play. (They have played it a few times since that day)
 Caleb was thrilled to have his own "real bow".....We already have a target so he's ready to practice...
 Zach told me he wanted a big truck that he could play with inside....this is what I came up with...It talks and goes forward, backwards, and dumps...super cool!
 After a little picking up, we were off to Grandma & Grandpa Byrd's (my parents) house....Julia showcasing LOTS of pink....
 Here is the crew....pre-presents...
 All the boys got remote control cars...Whew!!
 Here is Dad watching all the action
Here are the piles of shortage of spoiling here!!

Lots of fun, food, and too many presents to find a place for in our 110 year old farmhouse with not so much storage.....Good thing we did some weeding out before all this FUN!!



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