Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh My......2010 are you kidding me!!!

2010 just sounds weird to me....I mean I can't no believe that we are ringing in the New Year it just me or didn't we just do that not to long ago? The older I get, the faster the year seems to go.....anyone else feel that way? Well we did not do anything to exciting to ring in the New Year. We hit the movie theater to see ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS......we all laughed so much and really enjoyed it just as much as the first one. Then we hit Walmart for a couple returns...then Pizza Hut for Book-It pizza cash in.....then onto the movie store to rent some flicks to watch while we waited to ring in the coming year. Well we got home to discover the clerk forgot to un-install the security things that hold the DVD's in the back to town to get those removed.....then we watched G-Force.....the kids loved it...then started Night at the Museum (#2) but then Lance felt really sick, Caleb fell asleep, and Julia kept asking for me to take her to bed.....Zach was still ready to party and stay up all night....grins......So at 11pm we surrendered and put everyone to bed and tucked ourselves in as well. Yep!!! Officially old and totally boring we didn't even stay up....
My mom, Julia, and I went to town the next day to return some Christmas items....boy, great day to go...TOTALLY dead!!! I guess everyone stayed up late and then stayed home to watch it was freezing. I picked up some Christmas stockings on clearance for $4.99 which was GREAT and I found six that coordinated together, which is nothing short of a miracle in my opinion.  I also had fun spending time with my mom and getting some things we needed around the house and for the boy's room. I am most excited about finding a new dresser for the boy's room (we are actually getting three new for each of them....). They actually match and are new...both are foreign concepts to us for the most part up until this point. Nothing wrong with auction/garage sale non matching's worked just fine for us for the past 10 plus years. I am excited to have the room look a little more "styling".

Anyone so anything super fun to ring in the New Year? Do you have any traditions you do each year? I would love to hear about it all.....



Sharon said...

I'm with you... we were in bed by 10:00! Yup, officially old. I guess that can count as a tradition, right?!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where did you find the dressers? I am looking for the same thing for Ethan and the baby.

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