Friday, February 11, 2011

100th Day of School!!!

When our 100th Day of School arrived, and I was all set to do some really fun things with the kids......and then I had the flu for three and half days. So while we continued on with our regular school schedule, I haven't followed through with the "fun" day of stuff. So today was THE DAY!
                        If you want to see what we did last year you can go here.
We started off our morning with a couple of chapters of The One Hundred Day of School. Throughout the morning I continued to read more chapters until the book was completed.

Next the kids made crowns that said "I survived 100 Days of School" out of construction paper.
Next we got out some OLD mini marshmellows....and each of them made ten piles of ten.
Then we got out the glue and made pictures with their piles of marshmellows.

Zach made smiley faces all over his paper.....he said crafts make him happy....cute huh?
Lance made a a disclaimer,he actually used 104 marshmellows.
Lance voted for a eating contest. So I timed him to see how fast he could eat 100 mini marshmellows. The rest of kids wanted to see if they could eat 20 or so mini's in 100 seconds.......
Not bad! (Lance's time)
 Our next fun thing was a 100 piece puzzle.....I SPY!
After putting it together, we read the riddle and then got to search for the things in the puzzle!! FUN!
          ******I hope you enjoyed your peek into our 100th Day of School.******



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