Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Quilt Completed

I have been cooped up in the house for various reasons, so I have been taking advantage of the down time and enjoying crossing things off my quilting "list".

1. Finish machine quilting a baby quilt
2. Finish piecing the top on a winter print quilt
3. Make pillowcases to match our new bed quilt
4. Make pillowcases for Julia's new bed quilt
 I don't really have a home for this quilt yet, but I really enjoyed making it! I'm in love with the fabrics and the colors. Pink and Brown are really adorable together! I bought a jelly roll (fabric strips that are pre-cut to 2 1/2 in wide by 40" long.) I paired that up with white strips (I really wanted the pink and brown fabric to be showcased) that I cut myself to make this adorable blanket. It is a really simple pattern but when you put it together is looks complicated.
I put a pink stripe down the back paired up with soft white flannel. I also machine quilted this one myself. I chose to "stitch in the ditch". (which means followed the seam lines.)
Here you can see the quilting on the back a little better. I am thrilled with completing my second project on my list! Now onto #3!


Genesa said...

Looks great Danielle!

Quiltstory said...

This looks so great!! Love it in pinks and browns, gorgeous!

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