Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cooking/Baking Spree

We got some unexpected yucky winter weather on Monday (well unexpected from me anyway), and I thought that was a good excuse for an afternoon in the kitchen... It was totally impromptu so I had to come up with things I already had on hand and make due with that.....did I mention that I REALLY needed to go to the store? I just haven't made the time my wonderful Hubby stopped and picked up some needed ingredients to finish out my baking/cooking afternoon that ended up lasting part of the evening portion as well. I was on a roll and hated to stop while the dishes were already dirty.....know what I'm saying? This is a picture of the first round of cooking butter rolls, 3 loaves of amish bread, lasagna, and oatmeal bake.
I also grabbed a HUGE deer roast out of the freezer to defrost and put it in one of the Hot Oven Bags. I added some spices, a little soy sauce, and a bit of water (to help it steam) and cooked it on 400 for an hour. The bags were given to me recently and I thought I'd try them out!
The second round of cooking/baking included a double batch of pumpkin cookies, another batch of butter rolls, egg casserole and a meatloaf.
Between the leftover we already have and the stuff I made we've had "convenience meals" ready at the drop of a hat all week so far! LOVE THAT!!! Remind me again why I don't do this all the time? I get lazy is really the only good answer. I think also its hard to carve out 6-8 hours of uninterrupted time in the kitchen. I figured up how long I cooked/baked and I'm saving myself a ton of time throughout the week. If you figure up how long it takes up on average to prep and cook three meals a day, cooking once a week or month really makes a lot of sense.

Do you ever cook in bulk? What are the reason you like it, or what keeps you from trying it out?


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