Monday, July 13, 2009

More Flowers in Bloom

Here are some more great flowers in bloom around the Gaertegang Homestead!!!
I have yellow, pink (a couple different kinds), peach shown here, and orange Daylillies.
Some Bachelor Buttons gifted to me this spring...thanks Aunt Cindy~
I have several different kinds of hosta....I think most of us have at least one...I picked my two favorite to show you (The other is down one pic)....This one is unique with it's almost neon green edging
Shasta Daisies with some yellow Goldenrod (I think that is the's hard to keep the names all straight).
These are little white roses..they bloom in clusters all over the bush!!! This was gifted to me about 3 or 4 years ago.....Thanks Julie!!!
I love the brightness of this really pops in the shade!!
Blanket Flower
This is a perennial Dianthus...there are annual versions as well...I also have white and burgundy
Here is peek at my hollyhocks..I forgot to take a pic of the double blooming pink one..oh well!

I also have a peach colored one....I think this last HOT pink color is my fav...

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